@DanFrakes Sorry to hear it. Glad I was able to meet you! Hope to again.
@DanFrakes So so sad. And so senseless.
@DanFrakes Damn. All these news are really sad.
@DanFrakes good luck with everything!
@DanFrakes Sorry to hear that Dan. Best of luck to you.
@danfrakes UGH. Sorry to hear this. But good luck on what comes next.
@DanFrakes You're always welcome at the TidBITS ponderosa.
@danfrakes Yes, we do.
@DanFrakes Sorry man… Wish you the best of luck.
@DanFrakes Freelancing is like riding a bike. You either move forward, or you fall off and die a hideous, painful death.
@DanFrakes Can you email me? bob@about.com - I have a few freelancy positions open.
@DanFrakes wow, so sorry to hear this. Loved reading your work.
Good luck Dan. RT @danfrakes: After 10 years as a Macworld editor, I’m a freelancer again (along with too many of my colleagues).
@danfrakes whoa… everything okay?
@DanFrakes Beat of luck, Dan. Thanks for being so supportive of me with my Macworld stuff.
Hey @macworld folks, Medium is looking for executive editor with tech background https://t.co/yNIyZJMCk6 cc @DanFrakes
.@jsnell, @DanFrakes, @BodyofBreen, & @settern have earned my respect through podcasts over the past few years. I’m sure it will work out.
@DanFrakes Guess I won't jump right on that Parallels/Fusion review for you :(. Frick.
Wow, this sucks. @jsnell, @DanFrakes, @dmoren @settern & @PhilipMichaels (anyone else?) gone from @Macworld. a/k/a Macworld is gone.
Sad to hear about the seeming end of Macworld and I wish all the best to those that have been great to work with @jsnell @DanFrakes et al
@DanFrakes Oh man. I’m so sorry, Dan.
@DanFrakes sorry to hear. good luck with the next gig
@DanFrakes Here’s to whatever’s next.
@DanFrakes So sorry to hear the news, Dan. Best of luck for what's next!
@DanFrakes Sorry to hear, Dan! They certainly lost some great talent, but still looking forward to following you wherever you end up next.
Thanks especially to @DanFrakes for his PCalc reviews at Macworld over the years. I’ve cut out and kept them.
@DanFrakes Sorry to hear that...
@DanFrakes Sorry to hear this. Hope your transition to better things is short.
It was a good run, @macworld. You did great things, @jsnell, @DanFrakes, @dmoren, @settern and @PhilipMichaels. Thank you. It was a pleasure
Bummed to hear about Macworld. All the best to @jsnell @DanFrakes and all impacted. http://t.co/oQ91xBVATR
@siegel @DanFrakes This seems to be what’s happening: https://t.co/mcD3jbR30g
@DanFrakes sorry to hear Dan, best of luck in your future endeavors!
Broken hearted about @macworld. They don't know it, but @jsnell, @BodyofBreen, @settern, @DanFrakes, and @dmoren are like heroes to me.
End of an era... @jsnell @DanFrakes @settern et al. Best of luck to you all.
@jsnell @settern @DanFrakes & rest of #macworld my heart breaks. Learned so much from U. Better things ahead but don’t leave us behind. :-)
@DanFrakes You will be missed. I’m excited to see where you land next.
@DanFrakes *whistles* wow, OK.
@DanFrakes Best wishes with everything, Dan. I can still remember you taking about Wi-Fi cards on the Macworld Video podcast! :)
@danfrakes Very sorry to hear that. Have always enjoyed your writing, and will do in the future I am sure.
@DanFrakes @dmiller @dmoren Sorry. This sucks in a large way! I hope you are all right-side up quickly and easily.
@DanFrakes I look forward to your next move, hope you will consider joining @jsnell on some podcasts
@danfrakes Sad to hear the news :/
@DanFrakes wow, sorry to hear that Dan. Will continue to enjoy reading wherever you write next!
I had the pleasure of working with @drm510 @DanFrakes @dmoren @pinatubo2000 @PhilipMichaels + others for nearly five years. Amazing people.
@DanFrakes if you kids want to start something, I've got a nice domain name you can have for nothing.
@DanFrakes You're a class act, and I'm sorry that you're now taking that act on the road. I wish you the best.
@jsnell @dmoren @settern @DanFrakes Best of luck to you all.
@danfrakes Good luck, man. A MacWorld review from you years back made a huge difference in my career.
Many (eg. @danfrakes and @settern) have been very kind to @studioneat over the years, for which we are grateful.
Dan Frakes (@danfrakes) gave me one of my earliest thrills as an indie Mac developer, reviewing FastScripts as a "Mac Gem".
@jsnell @settern @dmoren @PhilipMichaels @DanFrakes & the rest of the team I'll be sure to follow your next endeavors! Good luck!
@DanFrakes @hotdogsladies Or, do what Recode did.
@DanFrakes I’m sorry to hear that. Looking forward to your next chapter.
@DanFrakes Best to you. Thanks for all of your support.
@atomicbird @DanFrakes The same goes for me. Still have the pages from the MacWorld of the review you did for one of my apps.
@DanFrakes Don’t miss @markonen’s tweet about your impact on him too :)
@DanFrakes thinking of you, @dmoren, @settern &c — this sucks.
@DanFrakes @strngwys sorry to hear the news. Best of luck!
@DanFrakes dan, I just heard. So sorry.
@DanFrakes @lexfri @pinatubo2000 Can’t express how sad I am about this. So sorry guys. Really…
@DanFrakes @lexfri So sorry. Sad day.
So bummed about this news today, @DanFrakes. Such a talented group of people! Always been a personal fan.
Sad about Macworld news - best wishes to @jsnell, @dmoren, @DanFrakes, @settern & anyone else effected. All talented folks w/bright futures.
@tonyaengst So true. I was rarely sceptical of anything @dmoren, @DanFrakes or @jsnell (and many others there) wrote because I trusted them.
Sad to hear @macworld magazine is shutting down. They've been good to us. Best of luck to @jsnell, @DanFrakes, @dmoren, @settern, et al.
@DanFrakes good luck Dan. Always loved your stuff
@DanFrakes So sorry to hear that. Good luck. I’ve always enjoyed your work.
@rgriff @DanFrakes @jdalrymple @mcelhearn Well the current group is Dan Miller and the janitor, isn’t it?
@DanFrakes Whoa! Wishing you all the best, I'm sure editorial talent like yours will be picked up quickly ;)
@tonyaengst If I was sceptical of @dmoren, @DanFrakes or @jsnell (and others), i doubled checked because I knew they were probably right. :)
@DanFrakes Just saw the news. Terrible. So sorry to hear.
@DanFrakes @jsnell @pinatubo2000 would love to talk to you all about doing something on @BeaconReader - email me! adrian@beaconreader.com
@danfrakes good luck man! I look forward to read more from you soon :)
@DanFrakes Good luck in the next chapter, Dan. Been a pleasure working with you over the years.
@jonseff I just read in @DanFrakes ’s timeline. So sad.
@MikeTRose @DanFrakes @dmoren @settern SRSLY GUYS
Some of the great people I worked with on my Macworld stuff: •@lexfri •@schollem •@DanFrakes And others, indirectly. Always great to me.
@DanFrakes So sorry to hear the news - I hope the transition won't be too rough - you've got a lot of friends and fans out here!
@DanFrakes Sorry to hear about it. I buy the mag and read what's happening online, especially regarding new prods. Good luck to all. :(
My condolences & encouragement to all those let go by @macworld. Thank you for years of great work. @jsnell @DanFrakes @settern @dmoren
@DanFrakes All the same, wishing you all the best and eager to see where you and your colleagues land next!
@DanFrakes That sucks. Thanks for so much great work over the years. Wishing you the best in what comes next.
@DanFrakes sorry to hear it Dan.
@DanFrakes sorry to hear that. Appreciate your contributions, hope you land on your feet and keep up the great work.
.@settern gave me iBooks Author tips; @DanFrakes tips on his HS alma mater & @jsnell graciously invited me to his WWDC bash. Great people.
To @dmoren @DanFrakes @jsnell @PhilipMichaels @drm510 @settern You have my gratitude, forever, for saving my career and keeping me fed.
So: If you're lookign for good tech journos: @dmoren @DanFrakes @jsnell @PhilipMichaels @drm510 @settern and @pinatubo2000 are free agents.
@DanFrakes sorry to hear the news today. Always enjoyed your stuff.
@DanFrakes :( But looking forward to whatever is next.
@DanFrakes Your coverage of my first app 6 years ago is a big part of why I'm still doing this. Looking forward to what's next for you, Dan.
@DanFrakes I don't know how I can help. I fell into freelancing post grad school. But if I can, I will.
@DanFrakes Sorry to hear that. Hope you find something soon.
@DanFrakes My condolences, also, but encouraging to see you taking it in stride.
@DanFrakes all the best for your future man! Will always continue following your work!
@DanFrakes good luck on whatever is next, Dan!
@DanFrakes You’re one of the best, Dan. Thanks for everything and hoping something great turns up for you.
@DanFrakes Best Dan. Keep us up to date on whereabouts.
@DanFrakes Good luck! I know you'll be fine
@DanFrakes best of luck to you Dan. You'll do great where ever you go for sure.
@DanFrakes Dan, sorry to hear the bad news…I know there’s some good folks left, but I feel like Macworld lost a lot of their known stars…
@danfrakes damn, really sorry to hear this. :-( But I bet your future and those of your colleagues is full of incredible silver linings.
hoping @dmoren @DanFrakes @jsnell @settern @PhilipMichaels & all the other folks pull a re/code. May not happen, but it’d be fucking awesome
@DanFrakes you are a fine writer. Thank you.
@DanFrakes Good luck, Dan!
@DanFrakes @drm510 @jsnell You are quite right, and a total class act, Dan. Good things will find you, sir.
@drm510 I have read you, @jsnell, @DanFrakes, @settern for years, & learned so much. Please let me know if I can help. Good writers all.
@DanFrakes hope all works out well!
The loss of Macworld feels like the centre of truly factual Apple news is gone. I feel dizzy. @DanFrakes @jsnell @settern @BodyofBreen
@bynkii @dmoren @DanFrakes @jsnell @settern @PhilipMichaels it be great if all MacJournos could pool together AND make a living at it.
Super sad about Macworld. I’ve been reading it for a long time. Thanks @jsnell @dmoren @PhilipMichaels @DanFrakes and everyone else.
@DanFrakes Shocked! I guess I won't be listening to the Macworld podcast anymore. Best of luck!
Best wishes on the next chapter for @jsnell, @DanFrakes, @dmoren, @mcelhearn, et. al. May our paths continue to cross in fun new ways.
Sending my best wishes to @Macworld friends @drm510 @DanFrakes @dmoren @settern @pinatubo2000 - anything I can do, I’m at your disposal.
@jsnell Horrible news. Just started up my subscription again (still have issue #1), because of you, @DanFrakes & @BodyofBreen
It’s been a pleasure to work alongside such fine colleagues as @DanFrakes, @pinatubo2000, @drm510, @settern, and @BodyofBreen.
@dmoren @DanFrakes @pinatubo2000 @drm510 @settern @BodyofBreen Glad I got to meet most of you folks at Macworld! It was a privilege.
@DanFrakes Dam, that's crappy. On the other Hand it's a great time to be independent! Good luck.
@settern @DanFrakes @BodyofBreen I leave twitter for five minutes and this is what happens?! Not the glue factory for the Macalope I hope?!
@dmoren @DanFrakes @pinatubo2000 @drm510 @settern @BodyofBreen Please allow me to echo those sentiments. Good luck to all.
@dmoren @DanFrakes @jsnell @PhilipMichaels @drm510 @settern @pinatubo2000 @blankbaby make a new, awesomer Apple reporting network together!
@jsnell @BodyofBreen @DanFrakes @dmoren @settern HUGE thanks to all of you along with everyone else. Phenomenal job. https://t.co/57cTVrWwPl
@jsnell @DanFrakes and all other @macworld friends: so sorry to hear the news. Hope you all are holding up.
@DanFrakes Thanks for everything. You were, and are, one of my main sources of quality info. Sad day indeed. Much luck with your next step
Dear @jsnell @dmoren @DanFrakes @pinatubo2000 @drm510 @settern @BodyofBreen Thanks for this. I'll always cherish it. http://t.co/WeKGEBrDCb
@DanFrakes I am so sorry to hear about this. If I can help, let me know…
@DanFrakes Super sorry to hear it :( Who's going to take up where Macworld leaves off?
I like and trust the Macworld guys. Whoever hires them, I’ll be reading that. @jonseff @DanFrakes @dmoren @PhilipMichaels
We tip our hat to departing Macworld staff for their years of quality editorial: @jsnell, @settern, @danfrakes, @dmoren, @mcelhearn, etc.
@lymond @DanFrakes @snell @dmoren @drm510 @settern @PhilipMichaels @pinatubo2000 are why I read & subscribe to MacWorld. @IDG lost value
Sad to hear the @macwolrd news. Many fun visits in my StuffIt days. Good luck to @pinatubo2000 @DanFrakes and others.
@DanFrakes just emailed you!
Thanks to @drm510, @dmoren, @DanFrakes, @settern, @jimgalbraith, @monstasaurous, @BodyofBreen, @jsnell, & so many others.
“@DanFrakes: You, too, @pinatubo2000. You’re awesome, as are @BodyofBreen @dmoren @drm510 @jimgalbraith @jsnell @monstasaurous @settern.”
@jandrewyang @tonyinosaka @DanFrakes I’m pretty sure Dan knows we’re always thrilled to work with him :-)
@DanFrakes @jedihacks Did they just wait until after the announcement? You'll thrive though. The tech world needs content.
@DanFrakes Sorry to hear. Working with you both with @LittleFinLLC & @TwoDollarTues you've proven to be professional, kind and talented.
@DanFrakes - So sorry to hear the news about Macworld. Just came up in a meeting I was in.
@DanFrakes Here's 1more best-wish to add to the heap. If you decide to hike the Appalachian Trail, I'll put the coffee on in SW Virginia :-)
@DanFrakes Looking forward to seeing what you do next!
@DanFrakes Onwards and upwards, as they say.
Thanks to MacWorld staff @settern @jsnell @lexfri @danfrakes for keeping it going as long as they did. End of an era
@DanFrakes @jsnell is there a space for re/code-like Apple oriented enterprise? There are many great sites but we need some powerhouse
“Twitter makes you want to be friends w/ ppl you haven’t met” Good luck Macworld crew- @jsnell @dmoren @DanFrakes @settern.
So sorry to hear the @macworld news. @pinatubo2000, @DanFrakes, and @PhilipMichaels were great editors & mentors. Hire them!
@danfrakes Hope to continue to read your work somewhere. As a reader, you've earned my trust.
Good luck to @DanFrakes @dmoren @settern @PhilipMichaels @jsnell and everyone else at Macworld, thanks for everything!
@DanFrakes unbelievable. No reflection on your capabilities obviously.
@DanFrakes Dan, can you email me at publisher@mymac.com?
@DanFrakes thanks for your great work there.
Hey Ex-Macworld people email me or send me a DM if you're interested in some non-journalism editorial work. cc @DanFrakes @pinatubo2000
@danfrakes Sorry to hear about the Macworld layoffs. It's the best Mac mag, hands down, and you're to blame.
@DanFrakes We thank you and your colleagues for the world class work you’ve done. Wishing you THE BEST for your future.
Farewell to the ol' Macworld crew— @dmoren @DanFrakes @jsnell @settern @pinatubo2000 and good luck in your next adventures!
Oh such sad news about Macworld. Good luck @jsnell @dmoren @DanFrakes @drm510 @settern @pinatubo2000 @PhilipMichaels et al and THANKS!
@dmoren @DanFrakes @pinatubo2000 @drm510 @settern @BodyofBreen Am in shock, so can’t begin to imagine what you must be feeling. No words.
@DanFrakes good luck in all your future endeavours.
@DanFrakes it was pleasure reading your guides Dan. Stay well
@jsnell @dmoren @PhilipMichaels @drm510 @DanFrakes @settern So sorry! But, I read Macworld for YOUR work. Will follow wherever you land.
@DanFrakes @johnbiggs what a crappy way to do it. Sorry man, that stinks.
@DanFrakes perfect timing! :-(( good luck!
@DanFrakes Wow, what happened? Best of luck with any new ventures.
@DanFrakes wow, fob smacked. Has Macworld gone? Why u, ur the lynchpin.
@DanFrakes you’re the best!
@DanFrakes Good luck mate!
@DanFrakes well here's another one. I've loved you work and I'm sure you will find the right outlet for your talent
@danfrakes I am so sorry.
@DanFrakes good luck Dan! Macworld’s been a great mag with the trio of Dans.
@DanFrakes Hi Dan. Sorry to hear the news. Good luck in your next endeavor.
@DanFrakes So sorry to hear of the MacWorld bloodletting & of so much talent out, but know we will see your byline again soon
@DanFrakes you deserve it. All the best.
Reader of @macworld for the past 20+ years. So sad to see @jsnell @dmoren @settern @PhilipMichaels @DanFrakes et al go. You’re awesome.
@DanFrakes I am very sad with this unexpected news, best of luck in your next project. It’s been great to follow your work all these years.
“@DanFrakes: Now I’ve got to remember how to freelance ;-) Editorial/tech friends, you know where to reach me.”
Good luck Dan. I know you will land on your feet somewhere. @DanFrakes
@DanFrakes Argh. Slowly working through Twitter and just caught up with MW news. Sorry to hear it. Best of luck with your next move.
Hat tips to @pinatubo2000, @dmoren, @DanFrakes, @drm510, @jonseff, and @PhilipMichaels, for their excellent work at Macworld over the years

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