4.7 or 5.5? 4.7 or 5.5? 4.7 or 5.5?
I feel like the iPhone 6 Plus is too big, but the non-Plus isn't bigger enough compared to the 5s to justify upgrading. 13 minutes to decide
@rgriff Actually, that's my third concern. 6 isn't much heavier than 5s. 6 Plus is. But it might be worth it.
@rgriff I'm just wondering if the 6 Plus will be laughably large ;)
“It fits fine in these pants. Hmmm…are these bigger-than-average pockets?”
Also wondering if I do go 6 Plus, will I use my iPad mini less?
Lots of people saying “buying 6 Plus, selling iPad mini”
Okay, I’m leaning towards the 6 Plus. If it’s too big, I’ll exchange for a 6. NO ONE SAY ANOTHER WORD
Plus, if I go Plus and I end up exchanging it for 6, I get $100 back.
Every minute the Apple Store is late in opening, thousands of people change their mind on which iPhone 6 to order.
Finally got through using Apple Store app on iPad. 6 Plus, Space Gray, 128GB. But won’t arrive until 10/1.

iPhone 6 indecision

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