iPhone 6 Plus users: What’s your favorite case so far? Doing some survey research :)
@DanFrakes I’ve been enjoying my TwelveSouth SurfacePad.
@DanFrakes The Apple leather case was very nice too.
@DanFrakes i use this: http://t.co/9J4bw78A5F had the same case for my 5 also. its great
@DanFrakes apple leather case
@DanFrakes Ringke Fusion and/or Ringke Max. Kinda like Spigen, but cheaper and better in some ways.
@DanFrakes Griffin Survivor Core.
@DanFrakes still loving the original leather + tampered glass for the screen
@danfrakes i'm just using the apple leather case for now, but i may go all weird and get a wallet case.
@DanFrakes I’m a fan of the @TECH21_UK cases for the 6 Plus. Thin and very protective
@DanFrakes got this one on launch and am quite happy with it - http://t.co/TuqOalbt4N love the stand and card slot while staying thin
@DanFrakes apple leather case
@DanFrakes i tried the airskin from spigen. no drop protection. very slim. too slippery. Maxboost slim is grippy-er but real flexable
@DanFrakes I have only used the Apple leather case. I'm pleased so far, but would really like to try something like the iPad Smart Case.
@DanFrakes Incipio feather shine
@DanFrakes that's why I like the leather case. Decent protection and thin. And easy to take off & put back on. That's important to me.
@DanFrakes I'm very, very impressed with both versions of the Apple case.
@danfrakes take a look at the Spigen ones ; )
@danfrakes Spigen Neo hybrid. Really like how thin it is. Seems pretty protective. Haven't dropped it yet though.
@DanFrakes @byrdandbelle case is fantastic
@DanFrakes apple leather
@DanFrakes Might want to give this a look. Hardly scientific, but a handful of choices. http://t.co/foDcTxaWwu
@DanFrakes check out blacksmith labs
@DanFrakes I have this one for the 6 and I love it http://t.co/SUJMwixzjf
@DanFrakes Leather case is great. Gets a little dirty but otherwise really great.
@DanFrakes The Apple leather case.
@DanFrakes I’m using the Apple Silicon case.
@DanFrakes I’ve used the Apple leather case since day 1. Just got Power Support Air Jacket Force yesterday. Like it so far.
@DanFrakes Apple Leather Case (Black) or Apple Silicon (Red)
@DanFrakes I looked at it, went with this one instead (cheaper). So far, working just fine. http://t.co/UNbOH7wrYu
@DanFrakes alternating btw Apple leather & Tech21 Classic Check. Apple less obtrusive on rounded sides;use Check when I need drop protection
@DanFrakes Case-Mate but would like to see Lifeproof Nuud
@DanFrakes - I'll also add the vote for the apple leather case
@DanFrakes Apple leather case is the Ohly one I have tried; like it a lot.
@DanFrakes Apple Leather Case
@DanFrakes still using original case w 6+ that I bought with phone in sept b/c like the feel of it compared to even lifeproof on my iPhone 5
@DanFrakes Navy Apple Leather case. Still looks great after a month of use. Feels great, little bulk of weight added. Improves 1-hand use.
@DanFrakes Incipio Feather defines that category.
@DanFrakes Spigen Ultra Hybrid or the Neo Hybrid, both are great.
@DanFrakes the black leather one from Apple
@DanFrakes Sena Ultraslim.
@DanFrakes I have a case with cover that has up and down windows, can pickup phone and watching time without uncover lid.
@DanFrakes Twelve South SurfacePad!
@DanFrakes Going with the Product Red Apple Silicone case. Really, really like it. Just feels right. Excellent grip.
@DanFrakes FWIW, I haven’t seen any case that doesn’t ruin the clean tapered thin border of the 6/6+.

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