Another #ParentFAIL, but I'm sure they'll come around. Read the story of @TheTrueTimmyG:
@MileHighJoe1 I can understand their position though. I'm not angry or disappointed that they disowned me, just that I can't see them.
@TheTrueTimmyG I'm grateful you have the support of other family members. That's a big help in maintaining your sanity.
@MileHighJoe1 agreed. It's a load off my shoulders.
@MileHighJoe1 Fraternities become the surprising source of support for #LGBT youth. #TrueBrothers #BtterThanFamily Good luck, @TheTrueTimmyG
@AlonBarr @MileHighJoe1 Personally, I wasn't surprised and I'm hoping I can change the we're viewed so it's not surprising to anyone :) #LnR
@TheTrueTimmyG @MileHighJoe1 Glad that your Fraternity was a source of solace for you. I hope you will come out of this stronger.
@TheTrueTimmyG @MileHighJoe1 Sorry that your parents failed to see that your love of them is not tarnished by your love to a man.
@AlonBarr @MileHighJoe1 dude if they could understand that, things would be so different.
@TheTrueTimmyG @MileHighJoe1 Just keep on being you, and love them, even if they don't understand you. #NOH8 #BeTrue #BeYou
@TheTrueTimmyG @MileHighJoe1 Live your life and give them time. They may understand their mistake and loos and come around.
@TheTrueTimmyG @MileHighJoe1 *Lose
@TheTrueTimmyG @MileHighJoe1 And no matter what, know that there is a huge #LGBT and allies community here that will always have your back.
@TheTrueTimmyG @AlonBarr My old-school Italian diehard Roman Catholic parents first freaked & eventually came around
@MileHighJoe1 @TheTrueTimmyG I remember that card. Better late than never. It's a good lesson in patience.
@AlonBarr @TheTrueTimmyG I pity the parents. #brainwashed
@MileHighJoe1 @TheTrueTimmyG I absolutely think that it's the parents' loss. Religious brainwash is difficult to overcome.
@AlonBarr @TheTrueTimmyG's raised a son be strong, honest, and have integrity. <== rare nowadays. So did Mason's. And Drew's.
@MileHighJoe1 @TheTrueTimmyG Agreed. You raised a child to be strong, honest and w/integrity, be proud when he chooses it as his lifestyle!
@AlonBarr @MileHighJoe1 aw thanks both of yall :)

The True TimmyG Comes Out

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