#Gillray a day: "A Squall", December 1810. Nice and appropriate for a wet November day. http://t.co/MJZ2Emz84F
#Gillray a day 3 Nov: "Two-penny Whist" (11 Jan 1796). Some of the best facial expressions ever. http://t.co/TxEd0PBM4z
#Gillray a day, 4 Nov: "Very slippy weather" (February 1808). Check out the mini prints for sale in the window. http://t.co/s1tw4Y3Djd
#Gillray a day, 7 Nov: "High change in Bond Street" (29 March 1796). Bring back ostrich feathers, I say http://t.co/Yk4pRgV0jh
#Gillray a day, 9 Nov: "Lady Godina's Rout" (12 March 1796). More ostrich feathers, & the Dss. of Gordon's derrière. http://t.co/wLa5FSsCDq
#Gillray a day, 10 Nov: "British Tars towing the Danish Fleet into Barbour", 1 Oct 1807. So much going on here. Fab. http://t.co/lEeSc45Jw4
#Gillray a day, 12 Nov: "The Giant Factotum amusing himself" (21 Jan 1797). #Pitt the Younger plays with Parliament. http://t.co/LGWIxQkmFs
The Rights of Man, or Tommy #Paine-Taking the Measure of the Crown for a new pair of #Revolution Breeches http://t.co/W9KoJnwZZ7
#Gillray a day, 15 Nov: "Comforts of a Bed of Roses" (21 Apr 1806). #Fox dreams of Pitt and Napoleon; Death lurks too http://t.co/IGqiJYglpZ
Foreign Smuggler by William C. Heath c. 1833 http://t.co/rJRqMgmVQV
Dangers of the Georgian Era http://t.co/3SuRPOuqW6 #Georgianera #MondayBlogs http://t.co/LJo3qfaMhe
#Gillray a day, 17 Nov: "The French Invasion" (5 Nov 1793). Least flattering George III caricature? Up there, I think http://t.co/wLmzHPzgp5
#Gillray a day 19 Nov: "Smelling out a rat" (3 Dec 1790). Burke sniffs out Richard Price's pro-revolutionary fervour http://t.co/vrrolZNa9e
Since it's world #toiletday we're sharing this lovely image of a privy council from the early 19th century. http://t.co/BYbca95BbQ
#Gillray a day 22 Nov: "The loss of the Faro bank" (2 Feb 1797). Lady Buckinghamshire gets the wrong end of the stick http://t.co/bpJWMbuUW0
#Gillray a day 23 Nov: "The High-Flying Candidate" (6 Nov 1806). James Paull stands for election at Westminster. http://t.co/apYVjegQxO
A General Panic at #Epsom No Run on the Turf but a Desperate Run on the #Bank http://t.co/OvUeBnYqBJ
#Gillray a day 24 Nov: "The Friend of Humanity and the Knife Grinder" (4 Dec 1797). George Tierney and Canning's poem http://t.co/kZVDQiXSmF

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