@ProfessorOlsen takes the floor at @Multi_Languages 2014 conference. #1nt #xl8 http://t.co/HaW7gWeYgJ
@ProfessorOlsen wears many hats in the field of interpreting. #1nt #xl8 http://t.co/V5lBNIxIMz
@ProfessorOlsen : When learning new technique, surgeons who saw others fail had their own success rate increase. #1nt #xl8
@ProfessorOlsen : Without reflection, potential learning remains untapped. #xl8 #1nt http://t.co/DA11Vd4DdD
@ProfessorOlsen: When we see others struggle, we need to reflect on our weaknesses to avoid similar problems. #1nt #xl8 @Multi_Languages
@ProfessorOlsen : How do you improve professional practice? Here's rule #1. @Multi_Languages #1nt http://t.co/t7utavp2qN
@ProfessorOlsen : Take advantage of your mistakes to learn from them - and not to repeat them. @Multi_Languages #1nt http://t.co/y1jZ8VCdPn
@ProfessorOlsen : Make feedback actionable. E.g. count how many times you use a filler in 5 minutes. Then ask why. http://t.co/VcFZqvmTWZ
@ProfessorOlsen: Focus on function and find the strategy that works for you. @Multi_Languages #1nt http://t.co/hwYDlqwQOH
@ProfessorOlsen: Real improvement is not dramatic. It comes incrementally. We need time to see it. @Multi_Languages http://t.co/hXdD1pAg2I
@ProfessorOlsen: The most important rule of all for improving professional practice. @Multi_Languages #1nt http://t.co/Fw0cxm2lFo
@ProfessorOlsen: Be mindful of your own physical state and surroundings. It will have an impact on your performance. @Multi_Languages #1nt
@ProfessorOlsen: Feedback comes in many forms. It may simply be asking yourself, "what can I do to do better?" #1nt http://t.co/A0233MuqtM
@ProfessorOlsen: Experts prefer to have negative feedback. It allows them to focus on areas to improve. @Multi_Languages #1nt
@ProfessorOlsen: If it's not written down, it's not a goal. @Multi_Languages #1nt
@ProfessorOlsen: Laypeople don't understand what an #interpreter does. We have to be our own ambassadors. @Multi_Languages #1nt

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