Any oppinions on the #SurfacePro3 for interpreters @adrechsel @InterpDiaries @MmeInterpreter? Still on the fence here but looks worth while!
@ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries @MmeInterpreter If you’re a Windows guy and want a laptop/tablet hybrid, go for it. (contd)
@ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries @MmeInterpreter It’s a little too big and heavy for tablet stuff (like reading). App availability is lacking.
@ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries @MmeInterpreter Read more: Alternatively, look into the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11
@ACGInterpret @adrechsel @InterpDiaries Have not purchased the latest Surface iteration yet, but I have worked w/ Surface for a while.
@ACGInterpret @adrechsel @InterpDiaries I enjoy it quite a bit. My perfect combination for interpreting & presenting has been Surface+iPad.
@MmeInterpreter @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries Why both?
@adrechsel @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries I do quite a bit of training, Alex, so I have to cover both platforms (my students have both).
@MmeInterpreter @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries That makes sense.
@adrechsel @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries Also, I do a lot of traveling. If I don't have a good connection, some apps have to be "native". ;)
@adrechsel @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries I wish all my technology could be as light as my iPad mini, but I've had to go for both. :)
@adrechsel @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries A Lenovo is also a great option (my husband's favorite). I went for the Surface b/c of weight.
@MmeInterpreter @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries Always thought the Surface was rather heavy?
@adrechsel @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries Not at all. At 1.5 lbs., it's one of the lightest. :)
@MmeInterpreter @adrechsel @InterpDiaries somehow i don't like the idea of a laptop doubling down as a tablet but dont mind the other way
@MmeInterpreter @adrechsel @InterpDiaries i'm looking at the Pro 3 to replace my ultrabook and my iPad+keybord combo (1/2)
@MmeInterpreter @adrechsel @InterpDiaries i guess the main loss would definitely be the Apple native apps (i'm an android phone guy; 2/2)
@ACGInterpret @adrechsel @InterpDiaries I know exactly what you mean. :{ That's why I decided to go w/ the best of both worlds.
@ACGInterpret @adrechsel @InterpDiaries I'm an iPhone person myself, but I still needed to work with some Windows programs.
@ACGInterpret @adrechsel @InterpDiaries True. A Surface can be a very "heavy" tablet & an iPad can be too "light" of a laptop at times.
@MmeInterpreter @adrechsel @InterpDiaries i think that really nails the issue haha ;-) i just quite like the idea of a one-stop-device
@ACGInterpret @MmeInterpreter @InterpDiaries #firstworldproblems
@adrechsel @MmeInterpreter @InterpDiaries lol #TrueStory
@adrechsel @ACGInterpret @InterpDiaries LOL! :D Yes. These are definitely #firstworldproblems...
@ACGInterpret @adrechsel @InterpDiaries So true. I really hope they come up with it soon. I think new input technology would make a diff.
@ACGInterpret @MmeInterpreter @adrechsel I shopped around for a Windows 8 hybrid ultrabook & chose Sony Vaio Flip 13 over Surface & Lenovo
@MmeInterpreter i figured the included MS Surface Pen might be an added bonus for you and @bigcitymartin ;-) no recording though?! (Yet?!)
@ACGInterpret @MmeInterpreter @adrechsel App store is still a bit bare but other than that Win8 is great. And I love my touchscreen laptop!
@InterpDiaries @ACGInterpret @MmeInterpreter That folding mechanism looks like quite an engineering feat! Is it sturdy?
@ACGInterpret @bigcitymartin Yes. I use the Surface pen for Sim-Consec (interpreting & teaching), but a seated position is best (heavy).
MacBooks had better get touchscreens soon or they'll fall behind... iPads can't do it all (sorry Alex ;)) I need a laptop for my #xl8 work.
@ACGInterpret @MmeInterpreter @adrechsel yep, not even my kids have managed to break it (yet) :)
@InterpDiaries @ACGInterpret @adrechsel I had to go w/ a lighter weight, but please keep us posted, Michelle. Sounds sturdy! :)
@InterpDiaries @ACGInterpret @adrechsel Agreed! Touch screens are great. :)
@ACGInterpret @MmeInterpreter @bigcitymartin my Vaio Flip came with one of those crazy pens, too.
@InterpDiaries IMHO: As long as they don’t fold/bend/…, they don’t need a touchscreen.
@MmeInterpreter @InterpDiaries @adrechsel knock on wood ;-)
@InterpDiaries @ACGInterpret @bigcitymartin Yes. I think they all them now. :D
@MmeInterpreter @ACGInterpret @adrechsel I agree it's on the heavy side but the Surface just didn't feel right. And that kickstand...#ick
@adrechsel It took me all of 3 minutes to fill out my long-term SCIC calendar on my touchscreen this year. Last year, 10x that!
@InterpDiaries @ACGInterpret @adrechsel Folds easily & nicely. Very sturdy for presentations. Can throw Surface+iPad in my purse & go. LOL!


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