Seeing tweets on Vedic knowledge and science. Why do our leaders wish to signify that the world has got all its knowledge from the Vedas?
There is a difference between the way Indian culture learnt how the cosmos operates and the way the West has gone about learning it.
Indian civilisation learnt, grew and progressed by looking inwards. What the seers and seekers realised was by looking within themselves.
This knowledge of the cosmos was transmitted for generations w/o writing anywhere. Vedas were penned out of fear of losing this knowledge.
West, however, has been trying to learn about the cosmos by looking outside, not within; through experimentation and exploration.
The West might ultimately arrive at the same conclusions as those mentioned in the Vedas, but they would establish them scientifically.
Hence, Indian leaders appropriating many scientific discoveries to the Vedas is uncalled for. Scientists do their own research and conclude.
There have been some scientists who were spiritual (looking inwards) as well. It is worth reading about their experiences and experiments.
Those with any introduction to spirituality will confirm, we can learn as much by looking inwards as we can do looking outwards.
For those interested, tweeting again a link to the documentary Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Gives excellent insight!
Another video : Yugas, The Tide of Time Watch this 6 minute onwards. Learning about the cosmos by looking inwards.
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Vedas and Modern Science

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