MobileWood 2011 is officially underway! 10 of us in the woods talking mobile Web. So far amazed at how redonkulous the house we're in is...
And it begins. FIREFLIES! Night insect chorus! Natchez Trace! Provisional hashtag #mobilewood
Arrived at a gorgeous secluded house in the woods of Tennessee for #MobileWood.
Checked-in at #mobilewood . 10 web nerds checked-in in a cabin-mansion in the woods. The first twist: no data service. #staytuned
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere Tenessee a few mobile geeks got together... #mobilewood
@scottjehl #MobileWood Sounds like an Agatha Christie plot.
BradFrost-"were moving towards a time where things need to provide worth, there's no longer room for things that aren't useful" #mobilewood
Loving the soapbox rants against a backdrop of thunder and lightning at #mobilewood
Just reminded about my concept of Personal Interface Definitions #mobilewood
Eventually all things lead to silly hats and hot tubs - #mobilewood
Arguing with 9 very sharp people about what is 'the web' and what is 'a browser'. You'd be surprised how tricky that is... #mobilewood
DIY post-its are being created for the "Funnel of Death" as we kick off day 2 of #mobilewood - so far nobody has been kicked off the island.
It’s a turDOMken! #mobilewood
We are entering the funnel of death at #mobilewood after narrowly surviving the lightning wall soapbox.
OH: "Don't you sometimes feel as if harpsichordists were just Baroque hipsters?" #mobilewood
NEW AVATAR FIRST #mobilewood Trying to define what "[web?] browser" means in 5 years or so is Bloody Hard.
#mobilewood @adactio:"[Geocities/MySpace] allowing people to design the ugliest web pages in the world was the most important thing ever."
User-buildable, encapsulated, task-centric or atomic, portable, shareable standalone web "apps" (or whatever) the future? #mobilewood
@lyzadanger A handful of task-oriented apps suits our routine-bound lives well. Endless expanses of content serve a higher need. #mobilewood
3 things we have control of as we move into this new ubiquitous era of computing: business goals, user goals and content. #mobilewood
Taking off into worlds unknown #mobilewood
The best way to discuss the future is in space helmets #mobilewood
Would you trust the mobile future to these people? #mobilewood
So do y'all have the theme from 2001 playing constantly, or what? :) “@globalmoxie: ... #mobilewood”
O! The panic! The mobinauts lost the internet for an hour! Now all 10 of us suckling on the same, 256k teat. #mobilewood #firstworldprobs
RT @brad_frost: @adactio catching a mantis #mobilewood [My version: ]
Device profiles, components, structured data, simplicity, data APIs and silly hats... #mobilewood
#mobilewood 10 - at #mobilewood no one can hear you scream...
#mobilewood 9 zero space emission radar sensor deployment go.
#mobilewood 8 - "This is not the device you are looking for."
I'm getting very concerned about all those folks at #mobilewood
#mobilewood 7 - Open the pod bay doors. Initialize ignition series seven-alpha-niner. Mobinauts are launch.
Roger that, #Mobilewood 7. This is #Mobilewood 6 activating long-range sensors for intelligent life. Very long range.
#mobilewood 5 - Spin up the FTL drives.
#mobilewood 4 It's time for.... ludicrous speed!
#mobilewood 2 - major DOM to ground control
#mobilewood 1, FIRE THE LASERS!
If you’re not following the castaways of #mobilewood island during their meteoric descent into madness, you are missing out.
for some reason #mobilewood makes me think of a porn movie involving a camper van... *shrug*
Future Friendly is in the cloud. #mobilewood
Image captures of maiden #mobilewood voyage en route:
#Mobilewood off to its future-friendly destination. Heady stuff afoot, alongside the, um, occasionally silly. Photos:
"I've just met my soulmate in alcohol form." @scottjehl #mobilewood
Apparently, the future of mobile is totally hammered. #Mobilewood
OH "There's totally donkeys" #mobilewood
Good, good, I was just saying the other day that the mobile community needs some Bilderberg. #mobilewood
#mobilewood is an intoxicating mix of clever conversation, future thinking, bedrock pragmatism, and fart jokes.
Morning at #Mobilewood! Fresh day of writing, thinking, agitating and, y'know, mobilizing.
@kgriffin We're putting something together today to kickstart a new mobile browser concept. Would love to collaborate #mobilewood
Ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work #mobilewood
I totally feel great this morning. I totally do. Totally. Totally great. #mobilewood #spinnyhead
I've been to #mobilewood and I heard the night donkeys.
Sad to see @adactio depart from #mobilewood but am more upset that my ukelele funk didn't mesh with his mandolin Irish folk music.
Can't wait for the ideas from #mobilewood to hit Earth. It makes me think of and
Writing the #mobilewood manifesto. Rise up!
Revisiting @stephenhay's 'Structured Content First' presentation. His presence is certainly felt here at #mobilewood
Jumping for joy at #mobilewood with @grigs @adactio and @globalmoxie
Karma at work: our workshop on future of mobile has broadband wifi about as fast an an EDGE connection #mobilewood
Extremely excited to see the immediate derivative works to come out of #mobilewood.
Last one out turn off the lights, hush the night donkeys, and toss the leftover turDOMken. #Mobilewood is over. What an astonishing group.
And now, this Little Dev is packing up, suiting up, and manning up to drive us back to the terrestrial world. Bye-bye #mobilewood
The #mobilewood launch sequence has been initiated as we leave night donkey firewater castle behind.
Signs of #Mobilewood everywhere. This discovered at 30,000 feet.
Future-friendly scenes are popping up everywhere. #mobilewood
Happy to introduce @adactio and @scottjenson to Fireball whisky this weekend. :-) #mobilewood
Mobinaut touched down. Big thanks to all the humans, devices, animals, and locations of #mobilewood for the adventure! You'll all be missed.
This is ground control to major DOM, you've really made the grade...Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare #mobilewood
Looking back through my pictures from #mobilewood.
Signs of the zombie apocalypse are everywhere. Be future-friendly. #mobilewood
The future is friendly. #mobilewood @ World Maker Faire 2011
Space helmet avatars provide an easy visual cue for great mobile tweet traffic #mobilewood
How I spent my week. It's an apt metaphor: #mobilewood
Finally added my photos to the #mobilewood pool
Open the pod bay doors—this time for real. #mobilewood
[More photos of #mobilewood finally up on my Flickr stream]
It's true. We are Oh, and you can fork us on github #mobilewood -> #ffly
Our first deliverable from #mobilewood: a mobile manifesto, what we need to be thinking and solving
New blog post: Mobilewood and Color me deliriously enthusiastic (a rather bright orange)


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