end of an era “@macworld: Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple CEO http://t.co/XJDvmId
Millions of Apple fans await the "one more thing..." RT @macworld: Complete text of Steve Jobs's resignation letter: http://t.co/Fc4yB9h
You will be missed: RT @macworld: Complete text of Steve Jobs's resignation letter: http://t.co/EdhWJzh
@macworld I don't like that Steve is leaving, but do like the COBD! Tim, please follow the dream!
@macworld It already doesn't feel the same without Jobs at the helm…and it's only been minutes #stevejobsresigns
Jobs’s immortality is his company.
I don't even really care about what this means for Apple. Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing. I just hope Steve is comfortable.
And so begins a new era. Godspeed, Steve.
Terribly upset at the thought of Steve Jobs not feeling well enough to be CEO. Wishing him all the very very best…
My daughter on Steve Jobs' resignation: "I feel genuinely sad."
Best example of Steve's fearless leadership & faith in Tim Cook: releasing this news in the *middle* of the week, not late on a Fri.
It's been an amazing time, Steve: I learned assembly on Apple II, windows and mouse on Mac, objects on NeXT, simplicity and touch on iOS.
The #SteveJobs resignation is very sad news. The letter doesn't sound hopeful. Maybe being away from day-to-day stress will help his health
From all of us at The Iconfactory, we wish Steve Jobs all the best in the next phase of his distinguished life & career. Thank you, Steve.
apple taught me that humans can have an emotional relationship to technology. i have made a career building on that notion. thanks, steve.
Something remarkable, overlooked, and forgotten about Apple is it continued to build utterly amazing things after Jobs left the first time.
Hearing now that Tim Cook has defeated Phil Schiller in hand-to-hand combat and has assumed command. Purges to begin momentarily.
Sad to see Jobs step down, but if you think his influence won't still be felt throughout the entire company, you're kidding yourself. #mw
I agree, I'm desperately concerned for his health, but he's still with us. However, I'm not concerned in the slightest about Apple's future
Tim Cook was long ago privately guaranteed the permanent CEO role. Otherwise, he’d be at HP or Nokia.
Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. Thanks for putting one hell of a ding in the universe, Steve. Rob
Mr. Jobs will continue to leave his mark on both the company and products even as he transfers the reins
Well I picked a hell of a time to disappear to rebuild my email and Spotlight databases.
@macworld And several industries, while we're on the subject.
Tim Cook has some big sneakers to fill. But he's already broken them in. #mw
I agree with you all that Apple is teeming with geniuses. But Jobs added a single, pure vision that will be tough to maintain by committee.

Steve Jobs Resigns

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