Aaron Swartz committed suicide in New York City on Friday, according to his lawyer. http://t.co/PwiaHyvi
Very sad to see another young life ended too soon “@JPBarlow: This was Aaron Schwartz. Please read this. http://t.co/9ZXQqx3x
Aaron Swartz was facing _35_ years jail time for redistributing educational material. That is fucked up. #copyright
Deeply saddened to hear about the loss of @aaronsw. Thanks for your struggle, Aaron. We'll all miss you.
I am so bummed to hear about Aaron Swartz' suicide. He made a deep impression on my and was a brilliant talent. News @ http://t.co/xaR07X9e
Raw Thought: Aaron Swartz's Weblog. http://t.co/Rvy0Ag3E
Aaron Swartz is hilarious, humble, and good. He made a more interesting world. The news of his suicide is unbearable.
Absolutely horrible news: Aaron Swartz has committed suicide. An unbelievable loss for our community. http://t.co/S8laTlpF
Thinking about Aaron Swartz, and, at a greater distance, Gene Kan.
I looked "up" to Aaron when I was in high school and college even though he's 3 years younger than me. He accomplished so much, so young.
Aaron was the co-author of RSS when he was only 14. He was a technical prodigy. This is so incredibly sad.
Aaron was young and talented. Wikipedia has a quick summary and links on what he was going through: http://t.co/3uE0oIQ3
“But Aaron was also a person who'd had problems with depression for many years” http://t.co/1puD4YYV
Fuck, not Aaron. Shit.
I posted memories of my time with Aaron Swartz on MeFi: http://t.co/QSrfk3gu
Aaron Swartz was one of my favorite people, and I'm crying. http://t.co/kWzPuMsU
I knew Aaron. Utterly shocked at the news. Sickened. And unable to understand how someone so young, no matter how depressed, could suicide.
I met Aaron's mother when he went to an XML conf, but was too young to travel alone. She said he was a handful. I didn't disagree. :-0
If you use Reddit, RSS, or Markdown, say a little thank you to Aaron for his work.
Waking up to terrible news about Aaron Swartz. This is awful.
If we can have a copyright act named after Sonny Bono, we can have a copyright reform act named for Aaron Swartz. In a better world, maybe.
i knew aaron. what a stupid waste. this is how depression lies: http://t.co/WYGWalQM / @TheBloggess
Shocked and saddened to hear about the suicide of Aaron Swartz, whom I first met when he was 14. @doctorow's eulogy http://t.co/5tfzOfBk
Let's remember: the US govt went after Aaron Swartz with everything they had, to put him away for 35 years for DOWNLOADING JOURNAL ARTICLES.
Here's the thing about Aaron Swarz: whenever you heard about any project to increase access ti information, he was involved in it.
Such a shame about Aaron Swartz. Most of us, myself included, can't understand of the dark mental states severe enough to lead to suicide.
Hearing about Aaron, like Brad Delp and every suicude hurts so much… I always feel that if they lost the battle. So could I… so could anyone
My timeline looks like the day Steve Jobs died, mourning Aaron Swartz. He was an inspiration to all. His work is influencing decades. <3
Aaron dead. World wanderers, we have lost a wise elder. Hackers for right, we are one down. Parents all, we have lost a child. Let us weep.
Scripting News: People are asking about the history of RSS today because of Aaron's passing. http://t.co/U7phKebk
I knew nothing of Aaron Swartz personally, but I’ve been aware of him for years. And this just sucks so much. We lost someone important.
The best tribute we can offer Aaron Swartz is to do what he did at his amazing best: work to expand an open Net and stop govt abuses.
If its any consolation, when I ran into Aaron on Thursday he seemed happy and surrounded by friends. How I'll choose to always remember him.
It's really hard not to let sadness over Aaron Swartz give way to anger over what the government was doing to him http://t.co/GyoNQwHV
The Internet mourns the death of Aaron Swartz http://t.co/wBDEgnnK via @digiphile
“Aaron is dead” - Tim Berners-Lee http://t.co/MiUq53bG
I struggled with suicidal depression in my mid twenties, got help and on meds until I rode it out. My heart goes out to Aaron.
My Aaron Swartz, whom I loved. http://t.co/7TWMzFYB @aaronsw
Although Aaron Swartz hung around MIT before the JStore business, he'd not want to be called an MIT person. Call him a hacker, which he was.
I never doubted Aaron would be OK; I had an unshakable faith in him. I just assumed he could and would think his way out of anything.
NYT: Aaron Swartz, Internet Activist, Dies at 26. http://t.co/RiipDEj2
HOWTO: Be more productive (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought) http://t.co/15XvgO5p
I repost this in memory of Aaron Swartz: Depression Lies http://t.co/sziNcTjj
Cyrus: Aaron Swartz and me, over a loosely intertwined decade. http://t.co/eXMJf49W
RT @alexstamos: I was Aaron Swartz's expert witness, and here is the truth about his "crime". http://t.co/qw1j3e2c
I wrote about Aaron in February 2001. http://t.co/5JkP5pbF
I wish we had all been this pissed off about Aaron Swartz's bitterly unfair government charges when he was still alive.
The Truth About Aaron Swartz's "Crime" http://t.co/MG8pE3LR
Quinn Norton's deeply moving tribute to Aaron Swartz, her long-time love. http://t.co/tsUm51i8
Posthumously pardon Aaron Swartz. http://t.co/briuehGj
Photo: Andrew Grumet, Aaron Swartz. http://t.co/l4aWx9cz
The official statement of Aaron Swartz's family - read the second-to-last paragraph http://t.co/pCX17tbp
A petition to remove the US Attorney who hounded Aaron Swartz. http://t.co/in9gL0Va
Deeply saddened by the loss of Aaron Swartz. I was privileged to work w/him on PIPA/SOPA. His advocacy for the greater good will be missed.
“@ladywhimsy: Posthumously pardon Aaron Swartz. http://t.co/m2MVQfqz” it's literally the least the government can do.
Corporations are notoriously overly generous with people they think wronged them, so of course the government had to step in to hound Aaron.
I have asked the TED organizers to include a eulogy for Aaron Swartz at TED2013, whose theme is “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.”
Puts America's decline in perspective: Aaron Swartz, American hero: http://t.co/3QH3QnKd via @ezraklein
Aaron Swartz's family suggests donations to GiveWell, a charity he loved. Felt fitting to give them money tonight. http://t.co/dsxOSjIS
Aaron Swartz, Internet Pioneer, Found Dead Amid Prosecutor 'Bullying' in Unconventional Case http://t.co/kAX2oiJH #Activism #OpenDemocracy
The US government bullied #Aaron Swartz to death. He stopped SOPA! Remember him & retweet this speech. http://t.co/lTCvgp6S
You’ve honored Aaron Swartz by acknowledging what he did before he died. Now honor him by doing what he might have done.
I have read thousands of words now about Aaron. I find I am getting more and more furious at myself for not doing more.
JSTOR statement on the death of Aaron Swartz. http://t.co/HVyIb7dW THIS isn't even a well coded page. Sucks on my iPhone.
Aaron Swartz: Look at yourself objectively. (Great story.). http://t.co/glTmsikl
“More than a friend, Aaron Swartz was a fellow traveler. He was one of us. In many ways, the best of us” - http://t.co/zkgOJM7v
Raw Nerve, the portion of Aaron Swartz's blog dedicated to "getting better at life". h/t @wroush and @davewiner http://t.co/awgB0z2u
Can't stop reading about Aaron Swartz. So tragic. This is a must read http://t.co/8lKe5zIN h/t @gstrompolos
Family of Aaron Swartz: Gov partly to blame for suicide. He was under investigation for stealing...academic articles. http://t.co/FiCMipUs
Her crimes carry a maximum sentence of 25 years. This is far fewer years than Aaron Swartz was facing for downloading academic articles.
Fucking yes. Every word. RT @jakebackpack: In which I say in one sentence what I think about Aaron Swartz: http://t.co/uu3NUzYp via @debcha
MIT Responds to Death of Activist Aaron Swartz, Begins Internal Investigation: http://t.co/tKVBVQkB
http://t.co/diEwAVle and http://t.co/z16mt8yH down after bullying Aaron Swartz to death.
Doc Searls on Aaron Swartz, including pictures, and an extensive set of links to other remembrances. http://t.co/VOakHa7Z
"All those [pictures] are permissively licensed for re-use via CC, which Aaron helped create before he could shave." http://t.co/kTh1310Y
RT @jayrosen_nyu: The political side of Aaron Swartz by @matthewstoller is such a window into what made him different. http://t.co/BaONYtpD
RT @GlobeMattC: Aaron Swartz was offered 6-month prison deal by feds, but rejected it, lawyer says #aaronswartz http://t.co/GmvVS5aF
In the wake of Aaron Swartz's death, let's fix the draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: https://t.co/S8wBzvTT
Remove United States District Attorney Carmen Ortiz from office for overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz. http://t.co/D66DUnC2
The Truth About Aaron Swartz’s ‘Crime’: http://t.co/ZBtx5Bo1
The Archive Team Aaron Swartz Memorial Academic Paper Liberator is now live. http://t.co/xvAtJ4RF - violate a TOS in Aaron's memory.
Aaron Swartz’s Lawyer: Prosecutor Stephen Heymann Wanted ‘Juicy’ Case for Publicity: http://t.co/ETU2k9z9
Memorial for Aaron Swartz, January 24 in San Francisco. http://t.co/tocxmhV9
Edward Tufte gave a great talk today at Aaron's service.
I'd never seen these photos of Aaron Swartz before. That's our earliest Panic t-shirt, "User". http://t.co/ewkssmg7a3 http://t.co/KKJY4IIXdG

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