My last week on Twitter. I'm going to miss this thing.
I've had some people ask if I'll turn off the Tweet Marker API. Answer: no way. I'm very proud of Tweet Marker and the clients that use it.
We recorded a special episode of @coreint that will go live tomorrow. That's (partly) why I picked tomorrow as my last day here on Twitter.
If you think about what you post here as a story, when viewed over years, it just makes sense for the last tweet to matter.
Two more tweets and then I'll sign off of Twitter. Sadly, I won't be replying to mentions. Email me or find me on ADN:
Today we have a very special episode of Core Intuition: remembering Steve Jobs.
I'll leave you with this: a collection of 450 tweets after Steve Jobs died, one year ago today. Twitter at its best.

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