“…you fail to recognize that there is missing information at all.” Good rundown of survivorship bias: http://t.co/ysp2HYDPPb
3 buckets to categorize a feature: gamechanger, showstopper, distraction. http://t.co/id7HCRPK5F
“Don't create features, solve problems.” ~ @williampietri More #productplanning insight: http://t.co/5vhcGoiRU5
Sage wisdom from @rands on the cultural pain of hypergrowth: Old Guard vs. New Guard http://t.co/jpapKNC3UZ
::gasp:: Want poster of this! RT @imlaurie: Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree http://t.co/CVzB0c0gUO @catmacisaac
Game Day Exercises at @Stripe: Learning from `kill -9` https://t.co/BxA9L1X6kl

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