Steve Jobs' text was meant to say: "I reign as CEO of Apple" Damn you autocorrect!
Here's to the guy who gave us all our careers.
[ this space left intentionally blank.] #SteveJobs
My favorite Jobs memories: attending the Boston NeXT launch, and spotting him at the back of a crowd at Pixar's '89 SIGGRAPH booth, beaming.
No One Needs Permission to Be Awesome.
Still unimaginable: that Jobs was the most important person in personal technology both in 1978 and in 2011.
Apple’s Apple. Jobs has been building his brain and aesthetic into the company for 12 years. Nothing changes for at least several.
Does anyone think that Tim Cook hasn’t been doing all the component & assembly deals? It’s what he does.
Jobs’s immortality is his company.
Thank you for leading us to the future, SJ.
Steve: You've defined a generation and changed the world. Thank you. We wish you the best.
My son: "I wonder if Tim Cook wears black turtlenecks."
There's just one more CEO.
@danielpunkass Conversely, those with confidence in AAPL's future can get a great deal on the stock from the others' doubt.
Terribly upset at the thought of Steve Jobs not feeling well enough to be CEO. Wishing him all the very very best…
Note Jobs’s letter has a backslap on press and pundits: “execute our succession plan.”
Mr. Jobs will continue to leave his mark on both the company and products even as he transfers the reigns
My daughter on Steve Jobs' resignation: "I feel genuinely sad."
We'll never know: What if Jobs hadn't been ousted in 85? They might have done more, sooner. Or he might never have become Jobs 2.0.
It's important to remember that Steve is not dead, he resigned.
I've been using Macs since I was 13. It's likely Steve Jobs influenced me more than any human other than my parents. I wish him well.
Steve Jobs did WHAT? But I'm in Oakland; my emergency supplies are at home! My first aid kit! Why didn't I buy those guns and gas masks?!?!
Something remarkable, overlooked, and forgotten about Apple is it continued to build utterly amazing things after Jobs left the first time.
Hearing now that Tim Cook has defeated Phil Schiller in hand-to-hand combat and has assumed command. Purges to begin momentarily.
Sad to see Jobs step down, but if you think his influence won't still be felt throughout the entire company, you're kidding yourself. #mw
Tim Cook was long ago privately guaranteed the permanent CEO role. Otherwise, he’d be at HP or Nokia.
Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue
Stay hungry. Stay foolish - Steve Jobs
Funny how much emotion you can feel about a stranger. And yet every phone call I make, every time I'm on my computer, he's part of it.
Jobs' unusual life story, and his enduring think-different-ness, are proof Happy Mutants can change the world.
Well I picked a hell of a time to disappear to rebuild my email and Spotlight databases.
I hope Apple retains the spirit that causes them to rebuild the 5th street store, a one-off, just to make it more beautiful. So Steve Jobs.
Tim Cook has some big sneakers to fill. But he's already broken them in. #mw
Reminded again that Steve Jobs is a remarkably good writer.
Hey Steve, Thanks for doing this on Wednesday. Doing it on Friday would have SUCKED. You're the best. -Robbie
Working with Steve, however brief, was the best time I had at Apple.
He's just waiting for the new campus.
Are you married to a tech journalist? S/he will not be on time for dinner tonight.
Everyone saying that Apple will be fine must be in some kind of Cookian distortion field. Also, folks saying that are entirely right. #mw
Surreal Artists Trip. #stevejobs
Steve Jobs Announces Retirement, All My Friends Pre-Order Retirement
And to think that I assumed there was NO WAY this could be as big a news week in tech as last week.
Steve Wozniak on Bloomberg TV: Steve Jobs is the world's "most important person."
Beep if you love computers.
Industries Steve Jobs revolutionized: (1) personal computers, (2) the music business, (3) mobile communications, (4) black mock turtlenecks
With #stevejobs stepping down, there's some things that will never be the same for #Apple. Best boss ever.
My guess is Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO so he can dedicate more time to his nocturnal vigilante efforts. Look, I get that.
Phew. We just did 4 straight hours of live television. More tomorrow...
Old and current #apple employees: let's give our boss one he'll of a #clapout. Get it trending! #clapout #clapout #clapout #clapout #clapout
The difference between Apple and Disney is Apple isn't called Jobs.
"An almost Cooksian attention to detail" (I just wanted to get ahead of the game by a few years there, that'll be a real trope in a while)
I really wish tech pundits would WAIT FOR JOBS TO DIE before writing his eulogy. Geesh.
Has anyone called Michael Dell yet to see what he thinks? Oh wait, I forgot. No one cares what he thinks.
Pouring a drink. Went as long as I could.
"Life is sad, and life is a bust, all you can do is do what you must. You do what you must do, and you do it well." - Bob Dylan, Jobs's hero
No matter what happens to Apple -- good or ill -- today will be remembered as The Day It Started.
Bunch more thank-you Steve Jobs tweets, collected by me here: and more via @macworld here:
Apple should buy HP and give it to Dell as a present.
"When I ask 'What's Next?' it means I'm ready to move on to other things. So, what's next?"
The best time to comment on Steve Jobs is when everybody else is doing it, so as not to attract too much attention:
Why Apple isn't doomed, and other post-Jobs Apple thoughts.
Great reminiscence of Jobs applauding his employees in a 1999 internal meeting: (@marcprecipice's blog)
Even if I never got to meet the man, I'm still proud to say that I worked for Apple (yes, retail, but still) under his reign. Good show, SJ.
My only direct interaction with Steve Jobs was at a Macworld Expo when I took his picture and made him almost trip on the escalator. Sorry.
Wow, only been a few hours since the announcement and I'm already sick of "Tim Cook's gonna bring back the rainbow logo" jokes
The Apple of the last few years isn't just out-designing the competition. They're outwitting and out-executing them. That's Tim Cook.
Great Steve Jobs story that I haven't heard before
I wonder how long Apple can keep its latest streak going. (That is, its streak of CEOs whose last names can also be nouns.)
Guys, I had the weirdest dream last night about Stev–awww, crap.
Tim Cook e-mails Apple employees: "Apple is not going to change": by @ejacqui
Worst news from Tim Cook's email to Apple employees: He doesn't use the Oxford comma. #mw
Earthquakes, hurricanes, resignations, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!
It's hard to ignore Steve Jobs' legacy when your 2-year-old wakes up pleading to use your iPad.
.@settern "We've reached for the stars and never have we been closer to having them in our grasp." This is the legacy of Steve Jobs
My bet is that Steve Jobs isn't done innovating.
My only real disappointment about Steve Jobs's resignation is that I didn't get to yell "STOP THE PRESSES!"
Tim Cook speaks softer than anyone and carries the biggest stick.
Now this is fantastic. See the difference, Gawker?

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