What is the best setup for developing on two machines (desktop & laptop)?
@MarkusN I've been storing my projects in a Dropbox folder and that works out pretty well.
@themaxx_mst more like: synching between two machines
@MarkusN @themaxx_mst if you mean the code you work on, I use bitbucket private repo and push on laptop and pull on desktop
@MarkusN I was surprised, but @youens says dropbox code sync works quite well. No need to commit when moving from one to the other. Caveats?
@MarkusN Version control for your code. Dropbox for other assets. Let me know if you learn of a better setup.
@adamaallen I got quite some suggestions for using dropbox for everything, quite interesting
@MarkusN You asked for the best setup for developing on two machines .. could you please RT the best answer you got? :) Or, PM.
@ArabianDevs the most surprising: use dropbox for all synchs. otherwise git or something similar. also, synergy-foss.org is cool
@drbarnard @MarkusN As long as you don't have files open on both machines at the same time (very dangerous).
@weheartgames @drbarnard @MarkusN I work that way. Works very well. But only have Xcode open on one machine at a time or weirdness ensues.
@weheartgames @drbarnard @MarkusN By "that way" I mean of course with Dropbox syncing my dev directories //@youens
The most surprising/interesting answer on my best-setup-for-two-dev-machines was that many devs use dropbox to sync all, incl. code
@MarkusN Interesting! I use dropbox for media assets (sound/art) between artists/musicians, but still use SVN between coders.
@AlexOkafor I was prepping for that scenario but the dropbox way is almost too easy to be true :)
@MarkusN but, ok, I admit for many things besides code I use DB as well. ;)
@themaxx_mst why would you not use it for code? I followed the security debate, but only so much
@MarkusN @themaxx_mst I'd feel really really uneasy hosting my code on any such service, particularly one with such a bad track record.
@MarkusN @themaxx_mst it's so easy to set up your own SVN server at home, no bandwidth charges, and a bit safer behind your firewall.
@majicDave @themaxx_mst sometimes I think about sending my code to competitors, it would throw them back for years
@majicDave @themaxx_mst but then you have everything home. fire & theft problem. and do u trust an svn hoster more than DB?
@MarkusN @themaxx_mst haha :) you do have a point, but I still feel incredibly (perhaps non-sensically) protective of my code and assets.
@MarkusN @themaxx_mst I wouldn't trust an svn hoster enough probably, but more so than DB only due to the track record.
@majicDave @themaxx_mst I know, in reality I do, too. But DB was only talk so far, afaik no real incidence? Messing with Eula's, well?
@themaxx_mst @majicdave if someone wants YOUR particular source code, a small hoster is a nice target
@markusn @majicDave @themaxx_mst I run the SVN server at home too
@majicDave @ezonecom @themaxx_mst my trust level is equally mediocre with all hosters, db or svn/git. maybe DB with ur own encryption?
@majicDave @ezonecom @themaxx_mst but ultimately: code theft? really worth time for extra precautions? I/we might have a skewed view.
@MarkusN @ezonecom @themaxx_mst I think I may view it more as creatively sensitive. I don't want people to see my process.
Hmm, what is worse, a) not having any online/remote backup or b) using dropbox for it? Local theft/fire vs. online theft risk
@majicDave @ezonecom @themaxx_mst I agree with you but a) feel bad about not having online backup and b) don't want to invest a lot of time
Really confused right now. Can I use the integrated git to synchronize between two machines in the same network or do I need a server?
@zaphodgjd well you are using dropbox as a server, don't you? means your sources are online there. I guess I should just do that


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