9 days left on my Flash Builder Premium trial. It might be a sign http://t.co/WLsmYwsk #7dfps
Who am I kidding. I've enjoyed all of 2 FPSes in the last ten years—and that was largely because of their content not genre mechanics #7dfps
Hmm, #7dfps rules don't actually say anything about making an FPS. (Rules: 1 Make a game. 2 Have fun.) Maybe I'll remake 1 of those in 2d :P
Still toying with a 2d #7dfps idea "No Vonneguts, No Glory" based on this passage from Slaughterhouse-Five http://t.co/YqxYanIa
You'd start with 1% health. Your gun sucks bullets from corpses who then return the favor. Regain 100% health to unlock level exit. #7dfps
Fog of war on map is actually just areas in flames, exploring those areas sucks up flames into bombs that rise back up into sky. #7dfps
I must be only person foolish enough to *try* to build an FPS with Flixel, true @ADAMATOMIC? #screenshotsaturday #7dfps http://t.co/l23oiwNM
About 8 hours in and my #7dfps currently plays more like a 3d NES dungeon crawler than an FPS. I'm okay with that :)
Comments from the #7dfps trenches: // welcome to the kludge
12 hours into #7dfps. The F is for Flixel. P is for pixel. And S for Stupid. http://t.co/HIKuAZn1 /cc @ADAMATOMIC http://t.co/bFFe9TjT
I think this is turning into a single level art game :\ #7dfps
Finally realized exactly what it is about FPSes (and 3d games in general) that bother me: mixed pixel sizes. *shudder* #7dfps
Possessions #7dfps #vonneguts (unarmed mercy, defensive recoil, knife, pistol, and the latter two in hand) http://t.co/cgpDGY9P
More #7dfps assets: spent medkit (unheals you), spent parachute (goal) and two enemies in need of unshooting/unstabbing http://t.co/0JYhLT0o
Finally created a project page for Vonneguts & Glory http://t.co/TPt3FKGB #7dfps
@Pumpki All attacks unharm you. You can never 0% but maybe 100+% causes a game over/time paradox?
Using the equivalent of a mipmap now, not to control level of detail but to maintain a consistent pixel size regardless of depth. #7dfps
First restart of #7dfps. Bluetooth daemon fell down some stairs & refused to get up. 1st sign of trouble was an unresponsive capslock light.
Previous version for comparison http://t.co/PvrsUPyV #7dfps
3x3 pixel type, the orphan-maker #7dfps http://t.co/ptWP6Rvk
A variable width but largely 3x4 alternative. Will probably end up tickering whichever size I ultimately choose #7dfps http://t.co/fIlsl5T9
Preferring the blockiness of this variable width 3x3 version. I think it solves the W/M & R problems #7dfps #vonneguts http://t.co/4pR0G75l
Done pixelf*cking 3x3 letterforms for now. #7dfps
What if predestination is a thing, we're just looking at time backwards? #7dfps
Temporal amnesiacs on a rote march to our origin. #7dfps
Mission Uncomplished #7dfps #spoilers http://t.co/TpN8zy2o
That thing where you bite into a piece of stale pizza crust and whatever your listening to does a pitch bend. #7dfps
Few things make me feel dumber than trying to script simple geometric movement along a curve.
Ended up brute-forcing 16 points along the curve and using a FlxPath to animate.
Hooked up the title screen and ending. Onto audio! http://t.co/HIKuAZn1 #7dfps
Kind of weird, sharing this each step of the way. Kind of undermines the potential impact. #7dfps
Not sure my reversed audio idea is going to work out. Programmed backwards & reversed, this chip bass line sounds just like forward version.
Maybe the difference will be more noticeable once the different channels are layered then reversed.
Spent entirely too long on this tonally inappropriate song for #vonneguts #7dfps http://t.co/KQJGP4ha
Another two hours makes two audio tracks I'm not happy with :\ This one's a little too mod spy: http://t.co/WxRoU9Pg #7dfps
(I say lazy but there's still a lot of trial and error and curation required.) #7dfps
Got most (all?) of the sound effects in http://t.co/HIKuAZn1 #7dfps
And just added in last night's less-disappointing-in-the-light-of-day audio track. #7dfps My little art game might be done.
Hmm, two days left in #7dfps. Wonder if I can take this engine and make a game with actual gameplay out of it :)
An opening prologue scroll polishes off my #7dfps art game, Vonneguts & Glory: http://t.co/HIKuAZn1
Wait. I lied. I want to add one more thing to the end. "So it goes." #7dfps
Got Vonneguts & Glory running on an iPod touch. Maybe I'll throw it up on the App Store as a freebie. #7dfps
2pm and I still haven't showered yet. It's like a product launch day over here or something. Good thing I finished my #7dfps early.
Vonneguts & Glory iOS port is almost done. Just need to craft an icon/Default.png and figure out how to submit: http://t.co/nTlW127c #7dfps
Air iOS apps don't suspend audio when you hit the lock button so Vonneguts & Glory is also an 8-bit lock screen music player. Bonus! #7dfps
Okay, well, I guess that's that. Vonneguts & Glory has been submitted to the App Store for review. My shortest iOS dev cycle yet. #7dfps
Current average App Store review times: http://t.co/ufLvtnCK Guess I should have submitted my #7dfps on the first day of the event.
Neat. My #7dfps game Vonneguts & Glory made the front page of @verge last night http://t.co/P5V2IrzT /ht @kevinandersson
Vonneguts & Glory just went into review. #7dfps
Vonneguts & Glory rejected for exhibiting bugs I can't reproduce even with identical device/os versions. Stupid Air. #7dfps
Of course my only rejection ever (after 4 games and an app) would be result of using Adobe Air. Sorry friends, no V&G iOS for you. #7dfps
I am no longer sorry friends. Turns out Flash Builder still runs/builds normally even after trial expires. (Potential) fix submitted. #7dfps
And now we wait another 8 days #iosreviewtime #7dfps
Vonneguts & Glory in review for past 3.5 hours. Reviewer could have played it 540 times through at this point. Fingers crossed.
I wonder if Vonneguts & Glory App Store reviewer is getting paid overtime to review a 2 minute game for 6 hours on a Sunday.
Vonneguts & Glory (free) got approved! Will be up on the App Store tomorrow. I'll just leave this here: http://t.co/x1KE0NnE
So that makes 10 days for the second review. #iosreviewtime #7dfps


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